This shows how the Waterdrop Notch look like.

Waterdrop Notch Display | How does it work | Benefits

This is similar to what we see on the first Notch display in phone. While the ‘regular’ notch mostly is home to a speaker, front cameras and other types of sensors. The waterdrop notch, as the main purpose of it is to give more real estate on the display.

We are talking about the notch that became main part after the launch of iPhone X last year. Since then every brand is going to use it. Samsung — has launched a phone with a notch. However, the notch is passé now and the latest trend is a “waterdrop” notch.

No doubt it is attractive design element but the functionality of it remains a bit overcast. In other words, it is a nice differentiator but perhaps low on functionality. As we mentioned above, the notch is now as mainstream. As it gets, especially with the lunch of Realme 2, which claims to be the most attractive phone with a notch.

It certainly is a trend that could catch on in the smartphone industry.

How does it work and benefits

A new display “screen” made out of water droplets, which creates 3-D images that can be viewed without any extra or special glasses.

The new technology involves flashing images from a projector onto the display. This display is made out of layers of falling water droplets and are precisely controlled to create 3-D images. The more layers of falling water, the higher the resolution.

Projecting light onto water drops

To build the 3-D water-display, the researchers created a computer-controlled multitudinous. This released each layer of drops in such a way that the drops in the front row don’t block the back rows, and vice-versa. A camera tracked the position of the drops so that the projector could target each row independently.

Projecting light on water drops and monitoring

No glasses required to watch 3D Images

Because water refracts, or bends, light and the drops are spherical, the images can be seen from any angle. Unlike a computer screen, where the image is dubious from side angles and not seen from the back. In addition to the 3-D effect, the display is also interactive. When viewers touch the water drops, they change the image appearance.

3D Image without any extra or special glass

India’s top 10 smartphone with Waterdrop Notch Display

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