My daughter is a precious gift from God

My Daughter | A Precious Gift from God

Happy and Surprise Moment

June 2020, when I got to know that my wife was pregnant. We were very happy.  Because it was the first experience of our life. So there was a little excitement in the mind and also a little fear about how everything would happen next.  We started preparing for the time to come. It was just in our mind that our child should come to this world safely. 

We don't care whether our child will be a boy or a girl

There was no known person in the hospitals of our Panipat city. At that time, we were confused about the place of birth. I talked to my wife about this. She said that is our first baby. Hence, it would be more comfortable for her if she would at her mother’s house. Hence, I talked with my parents regarding this. My parents agreed  but on the condition that there must not be any issue with her family. For a few times, I visited the City Hospital of Panipat. But my wife was disappointed due to the behaviour of the gynecologist. They were not taking care of the patients properly. Even they were not talking with manners. 

Mrinalini is a God gift for me

Hence, I resigned the organization in November 2002. After that in the 7th month of pregnancy February 2020, I took my wife to her hometown Banaras, Uttar Pradesh. Her family is very nice as I know. The good thing about Banaras is that there are transport facilities like OLA, UBER and lots of hospitals with local women are very helpful. On 6th of March, I visited the District Women Hospital, Banaras for a few check ups and ultrasound. The doctor told us a few serious points that were not good for us. Doctors told us that the pregnancy time is going above, which is not good. Second thing, still my wife had no labour pain. Hence, normal delivery was not possible. Doctor also advised us that if you would take a few extra time to wait for labour pain. It would be dangerous for the baby and mother.

Hence  I decided to admit my wife at a time. I went to doctors and fulfilled all the necessary work related to admitting the patient. All the time, I was with my wife. In the night, only womens were allowed to stay inside with pregnant lady’s. Hence, the whole night I was sitting outside on the bench. The next day, when the doctor came to me and asked me to deposit the operation fees per my wish. I was shocked to know that in govt hospital, the doctors were asking for money. Though the government is paying a huge salary to them. But I was helpless at that time because my wife was admitted for delivery and we had no time to wait. Hence, I gave that money to them and they started the operation. 

I love my daughter very much.

At 5:09 PM, on 8th March, my wife gave birth to a little girl, like a doll. Doctors gave the baby to my mother in law. I was in tension for my wife because she was still in the operation room. I was waiting outside to know that if she was fine or not. After 10 minutes, the nurse came outside and my wife was unconscious on a stretcher. They shifted us into a new ward, where many other ladies were. For 9 days, we were there in the hospital. On the 9th day I filled all the required forms related to the baby birth and to discharge my wife from hospital.

Then I booked the cab and we reached home. We were very happy after passing these days in the hospital. At home, the family members had already organized a little function for the first entry for my daughter. It was a surprise for us. We enjoyed it a lot and took a few photos to make that moment memorable. Finally, I thank God for giving me such a nice gift as a Daughter.

I thank God for giving me such a nice gift as a Daughter.


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