A special gift for wife | Honeymoon Trip | Realize to your partner special

I found my girlfriend on Facebook in 2014, as a normal friend. We gave a lot of time to each other to understand and create faith. It is not easy to build trust in a girl’s heart and that too when she is from a village. She is older than you. I’m from a city like Delhi NCR. But you can say that it was my luck to get such a nice girlfriend, even on social media. Later on 10 February 2019, I got married to her.

Truth and open-minded is very important to build trust

We never hide anything from each other. Always speak your mind to each other. During our love relationship, she had told me about her deep wishes to travel in an aeroplane and to go on a honeymoon. So that we could make a special and memorable moment of life. Like many people go for a honeymoon. All these wishes were that of a girl who belongs to the village and had never even travelled by train.

We should support our life partner

However, she has a problem in her right leg and can’t walk so much. Hence, she takes the support of a walking stick.
As I love her very much. I decided to fulfil her dreams as much as I can do. Hence, I decided to go on the honeymoon by aeroplane. After a lot of search, I planned to go to a cool place where we can enjoy the new weather and can be close to nature. This is how I fulfil her dreams.

Because it was the first time when I planned to go somewhere outside for a trip on my own. I didn’t want to take any type of risk. Searched a lot of things like the best places for honeymoon in winter, best flight, budget, etc. I searched on Google and YouTube and on many other sites. Finally, I planned to go to Gangtok and Darjeeling, with my wife’s sister and her husband as well. Darjeeling was one of my dream place to go.

Giving a gift is also a good way to build a good relationship

I booked a flight for four persons, from IGI Delhi to IXB West Bengal, the on Skyscanner website. Also, I booked one hotel for the first two days and the second hotel for the last two days, on OYO Rooms. Initially, my wife was unaware of this surprise gift. Even, I didn’t tell my family about my plan. But when I told her that I had booked a flight and two hotels in different places. She got surprised to know about this. There was a cute smile on her face and looked so happy. 

We should be happy and enjoy everything we have

On 17th Feb 2019, we reached to the IGI Airport. It was the first time, when we were going to the airport. We were excited about every new experience. Finally, we reached at Airport two hours before of departure the flight. Because, we didn’t want to be late even for a single minute. One another reason was my wife, as she can’t walk so much and fast. She is handicap. A staff member came to us and asked about our flight. He told us to go to the ticket machine to get our tickets. After getting the ticket and passing through custom, we reached to the waiting hall. Where we could easily saw the aeroplanes were landing and take off. We were enjoying that moment.,

After some time, all the passengers for IXB airport went to the entry gate and a bus came there to took the passengers. We reached there and one by one all the passengers entered the aeroplane. There, we were four persons, but we had only one window seat so I took that. A lady crew member came there. The sound was playing there and the crew member was acting according to the voice. Actually, she was telling the instructions how to sit and travel in an aeroplane. After some time, the aeroplane started to run on the runway. The aeroplane took off. At that time, my wife tightly holds my hand. She asked me if we were safe or not. I said, whatever would be there, I’m with her with the moment. We were very excited and had some fear as well. But we were enjoying. 

After two hours, we reached the IXB Airport. We booked a cab and reached the hotel at MG Marg, Gangtok. In this way, we finally reached our first destination of honeymoon.


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