Amazon Kindle Oasis: A new reading experience on large screen having good quality cover

This Kindle is bigger, better and waterproof. It’s the best Kindle yet.

It was by far the most expensive Kindle. The new Kindle Oasis flips that position on its head and delivers more. It’s the full functionality of all other Kindle models, while offering that premium design which now includes waterproofing.

We struggle to get excited about the Audible integration, however. If you’re the sort of person who partners your Kindle with a smartphone, you’ll likely have your Audible bases covered, although the syncing and switching from reading to listening might appeal to those more established Audible users.

But that doesn’t detract from the brilliance of the new Oasis. While we struggled to recommend the old version in light of the sturdy performance of the Paperwhite, we’d happily vouch for the new Kindle Oasis.

It’s the most accomplished Kindle yet. The question is should you pay the twice the price of a humble Paperwhite. Check the reasons:


  • First-class design, now with waterproofing

  • Single piece metal body

  • IPX8 proofing

  • Expanded 7-inch size


The newer model, however, is sleeker and more refined, thanks to the use of a single piece of aluminium that covers the rear and wraps around the edges. 

The newer model, however, is sleeker and more refined, thanks to the use of a single piece of aluminium that covers the rear and wraps around the edges.
In the original model there was only 2-weeks of battery life so you needed that cover to bring it back into the reach of regular Kindle models.
The new Kindle Oasis has 6-weeks of life. At the same time, this is bigger in all directions, expanding to accommodate a 7-inch display.
The use of a single piece back means there’s no longer a rubberised covering over the “bulge” which also provides grip.
The new Kindle Oasis isn’t as grippy as the previous and at times you might feel that it’s a little slippery in your fingers thanks to its smooth finish.
There’s are two physical buttons on the edge, so you can still press to turn pages, as well as tap or swipe as you prefer, so the interaction and the feel in the hand is very much as it was before. That makes very little difference.
There is, however, a significant update that you can’t see and that’s waterproofing. The new Kindle Oasis carries an IPX8 rating, so if you happen to drop it in Umm al-Maa, it won’t make any difference. There’s also a “water safe” fabric cover.
The new Kindle Oasis, with cover is now 317g, compared to 237g of the old Oasis.
It is absolutely a big change from original Kindle to the Kindle Oasis


  • Brilliant display more efficiently managed

  • 7-inch E Ink display, 300dpi

  • Adaptive front light

The expansion to a new 7-inch display suddenly makes the 6-inch display look a little small. 
There are other “accessibility” features in the new Oasis, including lots more options for larger formatting, as well as full page customisation such as the margins and spacing. There’s also the option to invert the text and background so you can read white text on black, which some might find easier on the eyes.
The new 7-inch display is front-lit by 12 LED arrays, an increase over the 10 of the 2016 Oasis. The increase in the number of LEDs makes the illumination look a little more even than the old versions.
There are two sensors hidden in the bezel that can automatically change the brightness of the illumination depending on where you are. That means that it can be brighter in brighter conditions and, importantly, dimmer when it’s really dark so it doesn’t dazzle. 
Being able to carry more books in a smaller package is a real advantage for long vacations, the ability to read at night without turning the lights on is a godsend.
  • Bluetooth brings Audible to Oasis

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Audible integration with syncing across Amazon devices

There’s Audible, the audio book side of Amazon that’s never really got a look-in on Kindle until now.
In the Kindle Oasis, there’s support for Audible books. That means that you can connect to speakers or headphones – or indeed your car or motorhome – and play Audible books through that connection. There is no speaker or 3.5mm headphone socket, it’s Bluetooth or nothing.
We’re happy with that, because it means that those who don’t want Audible are not encumbered with design features that ruin the aesthetic for a function they’ll never use.
For Audible titles you have, there’s syncing with other devices too, so if you are listening through your Oasis you can pause and switch to have your Echo resume the playback.
If you have Audible versions of the book you’re reading, you’ll be able to tap the icon and switch to playback rather than reading. We can see the appeal too, as you’ll be able to move from reading, to listening on that 4-hour drive, and then back to reading once you’re tucked up in bed.
The standard version gets Wi-Fi to take care of this, while there’s also the network connected version that allows you to roam around the world, always syncing, and able to download new books.
  • Connectivity and storage

  • 8GB or 32GB storage

  • Wi-Fi or 3G

One of the things that will make a substantial difference to the price you pay for your Kindle is whether you opt for Wi-Fi only or 3G. As with the original 2007 Kindle, this provides connectivity globally, with Amazon picking up the bill. It means you can download the next instalment of the series you’re reading. 3G connectivity in the age of smartphone hotspots might simply be unnecessary: instead you can turn on the hotspot on your phone and use roaming to browse and buy – and probably without it costing you a huge amount.

That might lead you to the Wi-Fi versions with the 8GB being the most affordable at Price. 


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