Amazon Kindle Kids Edition: Good for children with extra feature

It’s effectively the same with a subscription package aimed at kids, and comes with a good quality case and warranty too, offering a great experience.

From a software stand point, this is the same as any other Kindle, but the included year of Fire for Kids Unlimited/FreeTime Unlimited– it means lots more appropriate content without you as a parent. It puts them in control, while fencing off stuff that’s not age-appropriate.

If you’re looking to get a Kindle for your child or children, then the Kindle Kids Edition is the one to buy.

Kindle already offering a range of features speifically for your kid:


  • A great Kindle, with added protection

  • Based around standard Kindle

  • 6-inch 167ppi E Ink display

  • Front illumination

  • Weeks of battery life

  • Comes with a case


It has a 6-inch display with front lighting and uses E Ink, so this isn’t a tablet, it’s designed for reading books. 

It has a 6-inch display with front lighting and uses E Ink, designed for reading books.
The lighting on the front is a great addition. The device can be read whether there’s any light in the room or not. Kindle’s illumination means they can still read after lights-out time.
There’s no waterproofing on this model of Kindle,  but there is a two-year warranty. There’s also a cover – in blue or pink (in the UK); or with space station or bird designs (in the US) – which provide a degree of protection for the display.



The Kindle battery lasts for weeks rather than hours. Thanks to the efficiency of the display technology, this isn’t like a tablet that constantly needs charging.
  • A complete Kindle experience

  • Secure area for kids to read

  • Parental controls

The hardware you get is essentially the same if you bought the regular Kindle, you’ll find that the software is too.
There’s a lot in the Kindle to cater for children and making sure they can only access appropriate content, this isn’t like buying a kid’s toy.
It’s perfectly capable of giving any adult the full Kindle experience too. That means access to the Kindle Store for buying books, it means support for Audible books, listing via Bluetooth headphones.
There’s the secure space you can use to put this in your kids hands and know that they can only access the books you want them to read. Called Fire for Kids in the UK, or FreeTime in the US, this creates a separate space for a child (or children) that’s password protected.
On the Kids Edition you have kids characters and cartoon drawings, which gives it a bit of a lift.
You’re really buying in the Kindle Kids Edition is the bundle.
  • Unlimited reading

  • 1-year subscription

  • Access to lots more content

  • It’s hassle-free

The reason to buy the Kid’s Edition is the included year of FreeTime Unlimited (in the US) or Fire for Kids Unlimited (in the UK) subscription.
When you set up your kids’ profiles you’ll be asked their ages and then content that falls into that age range is made available through the Unlimited subscription. It’s the same as Kindle Unlimited for adults, but it’s tailor-made for kids.
There’s a huge advantage that they can read the good novels and then go on to find something similar and carry on reading, without you having to search for it and make it available to them.
Two advantages: Firstly, slightly older kids can find their own content and read it without you having to do anything; secondly, you’re not having to pay for each piece of content they want to read.
We have access for up to four kids for the year – and that would normally cost you a charge if you’re a Prime subscriber, or something extra if you’re not.


It’s Amazon’s great wish that you’ll be continue with these subscriptions after the first year is up. Often kids find content and read it so it feels worthwhile – and there’s the bonus that it applies across Amazon devices, so will also apply to the Fire tablet too, if you happen to have one.

The Kindle Kids Edition to get access to the controlled reading environment designed for kids. It’s available on all Kindle devices. Controlled reading environment is the point to think about it.

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