Amazon Kindle with front light: Amazon KIndle at good price with screen illumination

The 2019 Amazon Kindle is really good device. The addition of a front illuminating light is absolutely a reason to upgrade from the 2016 model.
All of the late 2018 Kindle Paperwhite’s features are on board this new standard Kindle for a cut of the price, making the 2019 model the most obvious choice for many who want to give up a good old fashioned paperback.
For many this standard model that will be the Kindle to choose.
  • Slim and light design

  • Illuminated display for night-time reading

  • Size & weight: 160 x 113 x 8.7mm; 176g

  • Finishes: Black or white

  • Raised bezel design



The latest Kindle looks very similar in design to its three-year-old predecessor but what it gains in weight (at 15g heavier than before). The new Kindle remains a fantastically slim and lightweight device that is a pleasure to hold and use one-handed. If you want the extras then it’s just a case of paying a little more.
  • E Ink display with illumination

  • 6-inch, 167ppi E Ink display

  • Front illumination

  • Laminated for scratch resistance

The 2019 Kindle illuminated display. It’s this feature that makes the new Kindle so much more exciting than the last model.
The illuminated display allows you to read the monochrome E Ink display in the dark or bright sunshine, but most importantly, it doesn’t use LCD or OLED technology, won’t drain the battery.
You won’t need the LED illumination during the day, unless in very bright sunshine, so it’s best to turn it off to conserve battery life.


In terms of resolution, the Kindle has a pixel density of 167ppi across the 6-inch diagonal E Ink display. Text appears nice and crisp.

Battery life  

The Kindle’s battery life depends on the number of page turns, how frequently you access information online or download books, as well as the display brightness. For casual night-time reading you’ll get weeks and weeks of use on a single charge.

Micro-USB  over USB Type-C

The new Kindle opts for  Micro-USB  over USB Type-C – the latter being the faster and more common standard among new phones – and there is no fast-charging support. You’ll need to keep it on charge for a couple of hours to top the battery up

A few new features, familiar experience

  • Finished books marked as Read

  • Recommendations

The new features are that completed books are automatically marked as read. You can also filter to see the books you’ve read and the ones you haven’t with a few taps, making navigation that little bit easier.
The new feature offers more recommendations based on your reading history. New and trending titles in Kindle Unlimited and the Kindle Store will also be included.

Bluetooth compatibility with Audible 

There’s also Bluetooth on board and compatibility with Audible, allowing you to connect Bluetooth headphones to listen to an Audible book and switch seamlessly between listening and reading.

  • Kindle Store

  • Kindle Unlimited free for three months

Kindles access lots of new reading material through the Kindle Store and Kindle Unlimited. Amazon offers a range of different ways to buy content. you can buy it direct, or you can get access to various reading subscriptions. There are free books available with Amazon Prime (if you’re a subscriber), too, and there’s Kindle Unlimited for wider access.
From 10 April 2019 users will (for a limited time) be able to sign up for three months of Kindle Unlimited for free, offering access to over a million titles and a wide range of genres. Following the trial period, Kindle Unlimited costs.


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